Those of us that are fortunate enough to acquire wisdom as we experience life, in most instances, we also come to realize the power of prayer. For Women of Stamina, their prayer life and the wise counsel they share with others keeps them alive and well.  Even after passing the flower of their youth they are still very much productive resources for fostering successful traits into the lives of younger generations.         

Leaves of Life Series
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Since 2000, the WOS Award has acknowledged God’s gifts of longevity, quality life and acquired wisdom to women eighty years and older.  Their  accomplishments are not a part of the awards program. We honor only the gifts that have allowed all else to manifest in their lives. Their bios are used to create community events that inform and inspire younger generations.  



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Honoring women 80 years & Older . 


Women of Stamina

The Women of Stamina Leaves of Life Series Events are created from the bios and suggestions of past recipients of the Women of Stamina Awards. Past events include conferences, awards programs, exhibits, private screenings, Prayer Breakfasts, and Generational "Jam Sessions."