April Bobo Memphis STEM Academy Principal 

​​​2002 WOS Helen King 

"Special Thanks!"

To 2006 Woman of Stamina 98 years wise,  Jannie Winfrey for leading the Prayer Warriors at the Women of Stamina Prayer Service on September 14 along with her friend Dorothy Pope and 2015 WOS 94 Years wise, Martha Campbell.  Younger Prayer Warriors included Bertha Looney of the Memphis State 8, Mary Myrick, and Loretta Henderson.  As women go forth in first-time roles it is important that the people they serve pray for their continued success on a regular basis.  

Comrades - N - Community

The sole purpose of the Women of Stamina Awards is to inspire the hearts of women(eighty years wise and wiser) at such a tender time in their lives. It was an answer to a prayer and much has blossomed from it.  This award started out like others, honoring accomplishments but it was soon revealed the true requirements for this award had nothing to do with individual effort, but God's gifts to them first and foremost that indeed allowed all else possible in their lives.

As we sought their advice and used their bios to created community events, some become involved in every event we presented.  As we approached the history presentation on Saturday, September 30, 2017,  it was with heartfelt thanks and appreciation to God.  He allowed us this opportunity to share with others through the Women of Stamina Awardees and this has been no small thing.  

At the annual WOS luncheons the praises would go up for the blessings of longevity in the 80 and older category, quality of life, and acquired wisdom, and after the luncheon, the blessings come down in the form of conferences, seminars, prayer services, award programs, and exhibits created from their bios. WOS also suggest student field trips and other community involvement they would like to see us participate in. 

A very special thanks to all that attended the WOS History PowerPoint Presentation at the Guest House at Graceland Theater. We trust that you were encouraged, inspired and informed! For it is our firm belief that inspiration works wonders in the lives of those who allow it to lead to tangible action that manifests success.   

Tara Edwards Manor Lake Elementary PLC Coach


Comrades N Community Inc. signature event  

Honoring women 80 years & Older . 


WOS Educators of Excellence Exhibit 

What better way to encourage the hearts of 21st Century educators?  This exhibit features past recipients of the Women of Stamina Awardee educators. More than ninety percent of the educators are Rosenwald alumni. Each time the exhibit is displayed we inform the community regarding Rosenwald's contribution to this group that made their contributions possible.  We owe so much to this distinguished group. We also acknowledge a present-day educator who has gone above and beyond caring for her students.  Effective 2018 we made a $100.00 donation to support the honoree, Allison Pattion's educational initiative Creating Creative Creations.    

Dena Brown Highland Oaks Middle Choral Director 

L to r Modearer Henry standing in for Allison Pattion of Dunbar Elementary along with Paige Hill Youth Honoree and B. Cate Bradshaw WOS Founder. 

2018 Christmas Turkey Giveaway.  Fifties families in the North Memphis area of Memphis received a turkey to make Christmas dinner complete. 


Women blessed by God with the gifts of longevity in the 80 years and older category, quality of life and wisdom whose bios are used to create community events.  

We acknowledge God's gifts to them that have made their gifts available to us! 



Acknowledged  women that excelled in Civic and Business - One time only event

Bernie Randolph *

Evelyn  Kellibrew *

Alma Morris *

Audrey McGhee 

Bessie Rogers 

Fannie Swanson* 

Gloriadean H.  Porter*

Jeanette Brown



"Honoring God's Gift of Longevity to women 80 and older"

Magnolia Bass*

Gussie Butler* 

Odessa Hayes* 

Mary Lawson* 

Johnsie Sims * 

Dora Todd *

Leola Williams* 


Beatrice Roby*
Carlotta Watson Stewart*
Elivira Williams *
Elizabeth Butts *
Elizabeth Toles *
Ida Jones * 
Lorse Harris *
Sylvia Gamble*

 Almetta Allen Young
Annie Betty Green*
Arilla Miller*
Helen King *
Josephine Wood *
Ida Mae Brunson *
Margaret Halle *
Sadie Miller *

 Alice Patterson Dickens*
Annie Cargill*
Berthaniel Payne *
Effie Mae Hill  *
Ida Reaves *
Josephine Woods*
Katie Henderson *
Precious Christian *
Verline Perry
Violet Duncan*

Dorothy Curry Withers- Lifetime Achievement *

James and Annie Green 70 years of marriage and Coach Johnny Johnson- Coaching Longevity Award

Only male tribute ever!

Alberta Gill
Alversa Williams Lee *
Bonnie Schledwitz *
Ella Ruth Holmes
Ester Chambers*
Frances Brown
Georgia Harvey*
Hannah Cole Serino *
Irene Jones*
Johnnie Jewel Smith*
June Chapman *
Libby Denton
Lucinda Bowen *
Mae Ringold *
Ollie Hinton*
Ollie Lowery*
Rosemary Nicholson*
Virginia Golden *

Elizabeth Bolden 115 Years Wise - Oldest Person in the US. Longevity Award Recipient*

 Ann Webb Robertson *
Ida Ghoston *
Mosetta Sesley Miller* 
Myrtle Jeffries *
Ora Jackson
Venessie Brown*
Gracie Templeton
Virginia Taylor *
Dorothy Springer*

Alice Sandridge *
Angela Astor*
Evelyn Wimmer
Fordie Burton
Hattie Velma Carter
Jannie Winfrey  
Johnnie Lewis *
Ruby Lee Harris*


Arand Taylor

Beatrice Sledge*
Jessie Jones *
Jessye Fox Anderson
Katheryn Perry Thomas*
Lillie Pryor
Mary Elizabeth Hughes *
Mildred Swearengen Hayes
Nettie Rogers *
Wally Flanagan * 

Ann Williams
Elizabeth Norworth *
Eugenia Brooks
Doris Burks
Doris Haithcock
Georgia Crawford*
Kay  Rowland *
Mamie Bridgforth Richardson *
Mariah Wilks
Odessa Thompson 

*No WOS Awards presented in 2009
 Special Award Category - DMCW Award of Excellence for Women in Business

Presented to  Alberta Nibley owner of Concept 2000  Hair Salon  

Anna Clark *

Georgia Russell *
Jo Ella Partee * 
Lizzie Morton 
Lucille Rogers 
Mae Frances Spivey*
Roberta Strasberg 
V Ella Hamilton * 


Special Award Category- DMCW Award of Excellence for Women in Business 

Hattie Nelson - Nelson Inc

Ruby Alexander  
Helen Bowen*
Martha Gibbs
Dr LaVerne Tolley Gurley * 
Bertha Cartwright Harris 
Ida B. Johnson 
Etta Hodnett *
Illa Rayford 


Special Award Category - DMCW Award of Excellence for Women in Business 

Bennita Wade- Bennita Wade Nationwide Insurance Agency 

Bettye Berger  
Ida Mae Burgess 
Thelma Dallas 
Mary Elizabeth Edwards * 
Louise Jones 
Frances Williams 
Bessie Woodall *

No WOS Awards 2013, 2014


Charlene Turner  
Margaret Wiggins * 
Hattye Yarbrough
Clarabelle Weaver
Martha Campbell
Ethel Higgins
Dorothy Tucker


Special Award Category- WOS Educators of Excellence Awardee Retired Division 

Mary P. Vann * 


 Marie Bradford

Annie Mae Masters

Doris Frieson 

Juanita London 

Jane Engleberg

Josephine King  

Only seven recipients were not able to attend the awards luncheon at the last minute due to problems beyond their control.   Now that's what we call STAMINA! 

 *denotes awardee has passed on

WOS Bio-created Community Events 

The WOS Matriarch Exhibit 2018

"A Legacy of Love That Propels & Prevails" 

On Wednesday, May 30, 2018, The Women of Stamina Matriarch Exhibit was on display at The Parkview, 1914 Poplar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee from 6-8 pm.  This exhibit closes out Mother's Day month by paying tribute to the Women of Stamina Awardees who are also the Matriarchs of their families.  Prior to viewing the images, Judge Gina Higgins daughter of WOS Ethel Higgins and Belinda Campbell, President of The Rotary Club Memphis Central, and daughter of WOS Martha Campbell shared the propelling and prevailing love that supports them in accomplishing many successful goals in life compliments of their moms. We also acknowledged Erika A. Jenkins a 21st-Century single mom under 30 with the inaugural WOS Propel & Prevail Legacy of Love Award for making constant positive strides in the last 12 month regarding her future and supporting her to become the best mom she can be to her son Adrian.   

 Also, a $500.00 donation was made to ADS of Memphis Dorothy's Place in memory of Rev. Neasbie Alston#4Bettye  Donations are still coming in so feel free to donate at  www.adsmemphis.org/donatenow


Those Who Labor Among Us Award  

Honors 21st Century Service Workers. Awardees receive The Helen King Service Award of Excellence Certificate  

This certificate bears the name of  2002 WOS Helen King who served as the first African American Supervisor over

housekeeping at the South's Old Grand Hotel, The Peabody in 1963.  This award pays tribute to a group so overlooked.

We acknowledge their efforts and give them due respect for working in their specific categories where they render service with pride and dignity that is reflected in their work performance.  This is indeed a rarity in the 21st-Century where customer service is at its worst. But this group does exist and they provide so much for the masses. It is only proper and fitting that we acknowledge their effort.  The service areas include Custodial Support, Laundry  Service, Food Service, Grounds Keepers, Childcare Providers,  Private Maids and Butlers, Drivers, and Caregivers etc.